Getting to School

As the island rush hour can be busy, we've detailed a number of options to get to school including the available buses and cycling options to help avoid the school run and resulting traffic.

Cycling to School

Vale Primary School recognises the many positive benefits of pupils cycling to and from school. We therefore look to encourage this form of travel behaviour in as many ways as possible.

Benefits of cycling to school include:

  • Improving health through physical activity.

  • Establishing positive active travel behaviour.

  • Promoting independence and improving safety awareness.

  • Reducing congestion, noise and pollution in the community.

  • Reducing environmental impact of the journey to school.

It is advised that children need to have sufficient cognitive hazard perception skills in order to cycle. Thus cycling training is offered to older children in Years 5 and 6. For those who have not undertaken the necessary training and still wish to cycle to school, we recommend that these children must be accompanied by their parents.  

Although the school provides appropriate cycle storage parents are advised to take out appropriate insurance cover as the school’s insurance may not cover loss or damage to bikes or scooters.

Conditions for cycling to Vale Primary School

  1. To ensure the bicycle is in good working order, well maintained and the correct size.

  2. To fit the bicycle with a bell and a working light

  3. To complete a ‘Bicycle Permit’ giving permission for the child to cycle to school alone

  4. To provide a named cycle helmet and encourage their child to wear bright and or reflective clothing on the journey.

  5. To provide a sturdy lock to secure the bicycle or scooter to the bicycle storage at school.

  6. To note that all bicycles, scooters and helmets are brought and stored on school grounds at the owners risk

Vale Primary School reserves the right to revoke a cycle permit in the event that these conditions are ignored.

A copy of the school's cycling policy can be accessed on the link below:

Vale Primary Cycling Policy

There are two designated cycle parks at school but it must be stressed that bicycles are left at school at the owner’s risk.

School Bus

A free school bus service is on offer to assist pupils getting to school in the mornings.

This is the 1A and 2A sevices.

The Vale 1A Island Coachways bus picks up at 08.30 and drops off at school at 08.45

The Vale 2A Island Coachways bus picks up at 08.25 and drops off at school at 08.50

To get to school, children may travel on the 1A or 2A buses.

Morning Routes

Vale 1A – The Island Coachways bus goes from Vale Road – Route St. Clair – Route Militaire - La Route Militaire – L’Ancresse Road – La Moye Road – La Rochelle Road – Grande Rue - Rue des Bordeaux – Les Rocques Barrees – Les Juqueurs Road – Summerfield Road – Route des Coutures – Belval Road – Vale Primary School.

Vale 2A – The Island Coachways bus goes from Les Banques (Clos des Isles) – Victoria Avenue – Les Banques – Les Bas Courtils Road – Les Grandes Maisons – New Road – The Bridge – Vale Avenue – Route des Coutures - Belval Road – Vale Primary School.

To get home from school, children may travel on the 2B or 3B buses.

Afternoon Routes

Vale 2B – The Island Coachways bus goes from Belval Road – Rocques Barrees Road – La Route de Bordeaux – La Rochelle Road (first drop-off) – La Moye Road – La Route de L’Ancresse – La Route Militaire – La Braye Road – Vale Avenue – The Bridge – South Side – Church Road – Grandes Maisons Road – Les Bas Courtil – Les Banques.

Vale 3B – The Island Coachways bus goes from Belval Road – Les Rocques Barrees - Summerfield Road – Route du Braye – Route Militaire – Route St Clair – Vale Road – Les Banques.

Further information can be obtained from our school offies or alteratively, click on the following links:

For information on buses from the States website, click on the icon below;