Medical Matters

It is important that you, a friend or a relative can be contacted during school hours in the event of your child suffering illness or an accident.

The school needs to be kept informed of any changes to your address, contact details, personal circumstances such as change of job, telephone numbers, etc. so that you can be reached in case of an emergency.

If a pupil is injured in an accident at school, Education Services is prepared to pay the cost of doctors’ examination and treatment, but please check with the school offices for details of these arrangements. Payments made under this scheme are not an admission of legal liability for the accident, and payment is subject to confirmation of the accident by the school and the doctor.

The Education Services scheme does not cover the cost of dental treatment. Pupils who meet the Department of Health and Social Services criteria for treatment at the Children’s Dental Service (e.g. those parents who are in receipt of supplementary benefit and looked after children) may contact the clinic to make arrangements for the child to be treated there. In all other cases, if emergency treatment is required, the clinic can provide such treatment on condition that the appointment is made, in the first instance, by the school.

All medical information about children is treated by school with total confidentiality. Parents can request initial checks for their child’s loss of hearing or sight through the school.  This will be carried out initially by the school nurse. They may also come to school to check children’s for head lice at the school’s request.  You are asked to inform school if your child is infested, so that all children in their class can be monitored.

If it is necessary for your child to have medicine administered at school a letter of authorisation MUST be sent to the Headteacher giving details of dosage and time required.  Without written authority we are not permitted to give any medication. All medicines should be in their original packaging.