Parent Forum

Our recent Parent Forum group aimed to positively support fellow parents, whilst also supporting the ethos and values of the school. Their role primarily centred around building and maintaining a positive sense of community within Vale Primary School, whilst also providing valuable links between all staff and parents/carers.

We are looking to re-establish our Parent Forum, so if you are interested in helping us to do so, please contact our school offices in the usual way or get in touch via Class Dojo.

Parent Forum aims;

  1. To help build and maintain clear, positive lines of communication between parents/carers and all staff members of Vale Primary School
  2. To assist our staff and school leaders to build a positive school community and to foster parental partnerships
  3. To help teachers and staff support the children with activities and events throughout the year.
  4. Help the school to introduce new families into our school community and integrate them into our Vale family.

The role of a Parent Forum member is a vital part of developing and supporting our whole school community and we are extremely grateful to all those parents/carers who are willing to join us to help provide a nurturing and engaging setting for all of our children to learn, thrive and enjoy themselves as they progress through Vale Primary School.

For more information about the Parent Forum and its terms of reference, please click on the link below;